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This Page is dedicated to all the amazing and talented people

that we have had the great fortune to perform and work with.




Cossack Ivan the Black, Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, KG and the Ranger, Major Frank North and  Michael Martin Murphey                                              




                                           The  incomparable  humor  of  Tommie  Turvey                       Karen Turvey-Marshall



Green Bay Packers LeRoy Butler

Charity Show - Raising money for Breast Cancer Treatment

LeRoy Butler Foundation


Midwest Horse Fair 2006

Wayne Williams - the classic voice of the coliseum

Ann Paape - the amazing general manager

with Bob & Midnight at Midnight's last appearance at Horse Fair





Wheels Unlimited - Bob Johnson & his six horse stagecoach hitch




Wayne & Pat Williams of Thundering Hooves Spectacular Equine Events

Also proudly portraying Roy Rogers & Dale Evans in Equine Showcases from coast to coast




Stunt Rider and movie star Max Reynolds                                     



Ivan & Tracy's Russian Princess character        Tracy Porter - Freedom in Training














Ivan meets Yogi & his Friends






                                    2020 wildwestcossack


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